no notification sound and delay notifications whatsapp,gmail,google messages

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品牌 Lenovo
机型版本 Lenovo Z6 Pro
ROM版本 11.5.381
模块/分类 界面设置>通知
问题描述 when receive msg on whatsapp or google messages there is no notification sound. even after allowing notification access. whatsapp also stop reeving notifications if phone keept idle for 5-10 mints. Notification only received once open the app. This issue is present in many other apps as well like gmail etc. Same issue present in z6 youth as well.
复现步骤 install whatsapp  send message from and other device no notification sound.  for delay notification leave phone ideal for 5-10 mints there will be no notification unless you open the app
来自手机浏览器 发表于 2020-7-2 06:16:26
For me is the same problem, with zui 11.5.132 and 11.1.171,no background notifications of whatsapp and similar upon opening it
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